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Order a case of SLEEVELESS, We Plant 1 Tree

SLEEVELESS Coffee Sleeves has a goal to save 1 million trees, through our sustainable coffee sleeve design. Our team set out and asked: If we can save trees, can we also plant them? SLEEVELESS is proud to offer our 1 for 1 program. For each case of SLEEVELESS Coffee Sleeves ordered, we plant a tree. We are excited to be able to offer this through a Forest Foundation. SLEEVELESS has a mission to save 1 million trees, and now has a goal to plant 1 million trees. Buy SLEEVELESS for your coffee shop, and plant trees.

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1% For The Planet | Save Trees | SLEEVELESS Coffee Sleeves

It has never been more critical for us to make sustainable, pro-planet choices. How many of us frequent the local coffee shop daily to get our latte, mocha, or tea? Each year coffee and tea lovers throw away billions of paper, plastic, and styrofoam cups, lids, and coffee sleeves. To keep up with demand, millions of trees have to be cut down and harvested annually. Coffee has to be more sustainable and SLEEVELESS, is doing just that with coffee sleeves. The coffee sleeve, was originally created 2 decades ago to prevent double cupping. For years, it was industry practice for a coffee shop to use 2 cups to cool the outside of the cup. This helped for comfort and the...

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