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Coffee & Tea Shops Need Sustainable Coffee Sleeves

Now more than ever our planet needs us to make sustainable choices. We help coffee and tea shops across the globe bring a sustainable coffee sleeve to their customers. Every day tens of millions of coffee sleeves & jackets are thrown in the trash, and end up in our landfills. We collaborate with coffee shops and together we can:   33% less material ending up in the landfills 1 for 1 commitment - we plant 1 tree for every case of sleeves sold Give coffee connoisseurs peace of mind their cup helps the planet.    Send us a note and let us offer you and your customers a truly sustainable coffee sleeve for your coffee & tea shop:  ...

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Coffeefest Portland

Autumn is in the air, and team sleeveless is growing! We are excited to travel to Portland, Oregon, for Coffeefest. Sleeveless Coffee Sleeves will be exhibiting October 23-25. Come see us at booth 1007, and check out our special show pricing!      We appreciate your support and choice to make coffee more sustainable. Here is a 10% off coupon valid this week "coffeefest". I heard it will be valid until November 1st. We exist to help coffee shops be more sustainable. Cheers!   - team sleeveless

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Custom Coffee Sleeves For Your Coffee Shop

Beyond our sustainable design, material, and 1 For 1 tree planting campaign, how can you take advantage of collaborating with sleeveless? We offer custom stamps for your branding needs. Coffee Sleeves have a big impact on your brand, and we can help! Every stamp is made in the United States (more specifically Michigan where we are based), using the highest quality materials. Let us help you with branding and go sleeveless! Visit & Learn more:

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