Save Trees and Coffee Sleeves

Coffee shops need to focus on sustainability. With billions of coffee sleeves being consumed each year, every cup we drink has an impact. With many of us visiting our local coffee shop daily, more than ever, we need to support sustainable coffee initiatives. Sleeveless Coffee Sleeves exist to make coffee sustainable. Each coffee shop can lower their environmental impact using Sleeveless Coffee Sleeves, more simply, 33% less trees will be harvested. Our mission is to be a leader in sustainability for coffee shops, this is why we have partnered with 1% For The Planet, and why we offer 1 for 1. For every case of Sleeveless ordered, we plant 1 tree, with a goal to plant 1 million trees.

It is our responsibility to help preserve this planet we all call home. The next time you order coffee, think about how each cup has an impact on our planet. Visit to learn how you can help us save 1 million trees from deforestation.